How a Team Approach Helps Clients


There are many different methods of practicing law; most of which they do not teach you in law school.  At SeilerSchindel, PLLC, we believe that the most important thing we as family law attorneys can do for our clients is to recognize when we need to call on someone else's expertise.  That is the reason we strongly believe in a "team" approach to handling family law cases, especially divorces.  From the very first meeting with our client, we will attempt to identify what other experts our client may need.  If our client has very little financial understanding of their situation, we will put them in touch with a financial advisor.  If a house needs to be sold, we will have our client meet with a realtor, a mortgage broker, and maybe even an appraiser.  Some of the other experts we call upon include a therapist, a CPA, and a mediator.  We call these other experts members of our "team".  Ultimately, the use of a team helps reduce the costs of a divorce, both financially and emotionally.

Learn more about Minneapolis divorce attorney Jonathan Fogel: Mr. Fogel and his team have extensive experience handling complex divorces and other family law matters, including spousal maintenance, custody disputes, post decree matters, paternity, and domestic abuse. Mr. Fogel has appeared numerous times as a guest on radio and television programs, both locally and nationally, to discuss issues related to divorce. He is the author of the book Preparing for Divorce While Happily Married and he has been recognized by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business Monthly, and Minnesota Law & Politics as a "Super Lawyer" and a member of the top 6% of attorneys in Minnesota.